We’ve got the idea, we’ve got the passion and now we need your help.

To make our film become a reality we are launching a crowdfunding page. Our target is to raise £5000. The majority of what is raised will go directly into our project, for better equipment, more detailed set design, and ensuring the safety of our cast and crew.

Creating art during the coronavirus outbreak is going to be extremely challenging. We will not compromise on our safety and we are focused on taking every necessary measure to work in as safe a filming environment as possible for everybody.


However, unfortunately, this will take a chunk out of our budget. Therefore, the more you can help us, the better our film can be and the safer we can be while making it.

Where will your money be going?

Not only will your contribution help to fund greater equipment resources and highly detailed set design, but it will assist in providing catering for our cast and crew. Most importantly, helping to provide the much-needed health and safety equipment such as disinfectant spray and handwashing stations. We know that the safety of our cast and crew comes first.

The more you can kindly donate to us the more we can invest in a wider distribution platform. From film festival submissions to advertisements for wider distribution, we have big aims for this film. With your support, we get one step closer to creating the best possible production value our film needs. Collaborating with you means you’ll become part of the team, so welcome on board!

Thank You

We would love to work with you and have your backing. However, we understand the constraints throughout these challenging times and so any help, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.

Your support does not need to be financial, please still become part of our family and follow the journey of our film. You can help us by sharing this page with your family and friends and by following our social media channels linked below to stay updated on our progress.

We appreciate your consideration to contribute to our exciting project and can't wait to show you what we make! For more information, please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.