So what’s our film about and why should you be interested to help?

In-sight is a female-led, contemporary psychological interpretation of the detective story, expressed through the mind-game genre.

When Sierra goes missing 6 individuals are called in for questioning. While police investigate her past, Sierra’s future lies in the suspects’ hands. As the investigation unravels we discover the true motives of each individual, glimpses of the past reveal secrets some would rather have forgotten and the ultimate question takes form…while she knew them, did they really know her?

In-sight promises to be a pulsating and tense short, full of twists and intrigue.

While having a predominantly female-led story subverting gender-stereotyped roles through the script and casting, In-sight also has a deeper message for its audience, one of equality and respect.


In-sight explores the audience's perception of people. The ending is left to the audience's own interpretation and judgment. We are asking the audience to stop and think about their preconceptions and how they might treat others.

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The Director

Hello, my name is Arjun Pala. I am the director of In-sight, a short film being produced by the National Youth Film Academy. I graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2019 and have a degree in BSc Digital Media Production (a fancy way of saying, filmmaker). In-sight will be the 4th short film that I have directed and I am excited to have the opportunity to bring you along on this journey and I can’t wait to share the film with you!

This genre-bending mind-game thriller film is a culmination of the work from a group of 18 young filmmakers and actors of different backgrounds from across the country.

Unfortunately, due to Covid19, we haven’t been able to physically meet each other to work on the film. All our meetings, like a lot of the world, have been conducted through online video conferencing. 

The work that the team have put into the project so far and how they have risen to new challenges is testament to the work ethic of the entire crew to become successful in the film industry. 

It’s not going to be an easy task, but from what I have seen so far, we all have the potential to become great. With your backing, we will have an even stronger platform to continue along the path that we have started.

The Visuals

The layering of scenes will be fundamental to the creation of suspension in the film and help create a dynamic picture on screen. The layering within the scene will develop a complexity to the relationships between the characters. This layering will shift focus between the characters establishing new lead characters, constantly shifting perspective and playing with audiences’ perception as they get an evolving focus on each character.


The characters will also be framed in a triangle. The triangle demonstrates which character holds power within the scene while also allowing the potential to foreshadow information. As our focus is drawn to specific characters or details within the scene, we are given clues as to potential information that allow us to piece together parts of the puzzle to Sierra’s disappearance and the other characters being questioned. Again, the framing of the scene is constantly enhancing the mind game element of the film, giving clues and insights through the suspenseful and tense framing.

The colour palate will be natural but gritty. The urban setting of the film will help create the tension and thrill factor of the film but ground it in a real setting. The brown and green tones in the shadows give an earthy/dirty vibe yet the beige in the skin tones show a moral ambiguity.

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The Characters